Efforts are afoot by the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) to further improve the level and quality of service provided to residents in the Plaisance/Sparendaam areas.

This was the assurance given by Managing Director of the Utility company, Dr. Richard Van-West Charles on Saturday, January 27, 2018, during a community outreach with residents of those areas at the Plaisance Market Tarmac on the East Coast of Demerara.

Acknowledging that there exists a high level of iron content in the water provided on the coastland, he said that within 2-3 weeks, GWI will be introducing a product called SeaQuest in the Plaisance/Sparendaam areas to reduce the iron content.

This product has already been introduced in areas such as the Essequibo Coast, Berbice, Agricola, Clonbrook and Goed Fortuin, and has resulted in the improved quality of water.

In addition to the introduction of SeaQuest, the company will also be flushing the pipelines to afford the residents of Plaisance/Sparendaam improved quality of water. Dr. Charles told the residents that GWI wants to arrive at the point where the residents will be able to drink the water coming out of their taps.

Improving the water pressure and increasing the hours of service in those areas are also high on the company's agenda. Very soon, an elevated tank will be activated to sustain the water supply to residents and improve the water pressure.

The Managing Director said that the company wants to reach to the point of 24/7 supply of good quality water as well as ensuring that the water pressure is as such that overhead tanks would no longer be needed. Additionally, even as generators are being purchased in some areas, alternative energy sources are being sought to ensure continuance of water supply in the event of power outtages.

Even as the company places much emphasis on the quality of water provided, residents also have their part to play. Dr. Charles pleaded with the residents to report leaks and help to protect the infrastructure. GWI will also be partnering with the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) to ensure that the infrastructure is protected.

Meanwhile, Dr. Charles also stressed the need for residents to pay off their debt, as he disclosed that the debt owed to GWI from Goedverwagting to Plaisance stands at approximately $128M, with residents of Plaisance owing some $60M of that amount.

He said that the company is continuously examining ways to make it easier for customers to pay their debt and provide additional means to address service delivery. In this regard, the company will be working along with all NDCs and village councils so that customers can lodge their complaints at those offices as well.

Additionally, GWI is continuously monitoring television stations and letters in the press to address issues relating to service delivery.

Other Senior and regional GWI officials were also present to address the concerns of the residents which included addressing leaks in a timely manner, the location of main pipelines and the damage done to roads after breakage.

Assistant Regional Executive officer of Region 4 (Demerara/Mahaica), Mr. Ramnarine Singh and Regional Chairperson, Mrs. Genevieve Allen were also on hand to address other concerns of the residents, which included the condition of roads and bridges.