Welcome to the official website of the Guyana Water Incorporated, the nation’s supplier of water and sanitation services. Our web page has been remodelled to respond to your needs and queries by providing information and offering you advanced options to assist in answering your questions and concerns.

As Managing Director of the national water utility of Guyana, I am committed to ensuring the company’s mission statement, which seeks “To deliver safe, adequate and affordable water and to ensure safe sewerage systems for improved public health and sustainable economic development”, is materialised. Additionally, it is my intention to realise His Excellency President David Granger’s vision of achieving equity in the quality of life for citizens throughout the length and breadth of Guyana. Since assuming office as Chief Executive Officer in 2015, I have sought to make this a reality by placing further emphasis on improving water quality and ensuring equal access to citizens countrywide. Efforts in these areas have been successful through the commissioning of new wells in areas that have never had access to running water and the provision of filters in interior locations to improve water quality. I invite you to visit our gallery and news tabs to view the works we have been undertaking countrywide in this regard. And as we strive towards improving quality of service, special focus is being placed on schools and medical institutions.

Our aim is to respond to the nation by ensuring a 24-hour supply as well as the required water pressure for all. As a result, I implore you to practice water conservation in your daily routines by monitoring your water consumption, repairing all leaks in and around your home and reporting leakages in your community. This way, you play your part in assisting your company, GWI, in preventing water loss and reducing what is termed non-revenue water.

Additionally, in our quest to become a more customer-centric entity, we have embarked on a number of community outreaches to engage citizens and gain feedback on ways in which we can better our service as well as to address queries. I also call on customers to serve as ambassadors in guaranteeing our workers and contractors in the fields carry out the duties that are expected of them, even as you cooperate with GWI to get the task done. To ensure efficiency in each region and community, GWI has established zones countrywide, which allows for closer monitoring and swift action by contractors who have been allotted to each zone. This website will also serve as a tool to address customer query and guarantee fast action. This will be realized in the form of our instant messaging chat box.

GWI will be introducing an online application which will help to facilitate prompt responses to leaks and reduce bill estimation. Once downloaded, the app will allow customers to take a picture of a leak, submit that photograph with the details of its location and it will be addressed by the contractor in that zone. Persons will also have the option of submitting their meter reading to GWI.

With these few words, I wish to assure you that GWI is doing everything in its power to enhance customer experience by upgrading the services we offer countrywide.

I trust that you will find the content on our website informative and useful. I hope you will be constantly engaged with our work via our website, as we seek to fulfill our mandate as your premier water quality producer and distributor. If after navigation you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to make contact with us via our feedback tab.

Thank you.

Dr. Richard Van West-Charles
Managing Director, GWI